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Homes are not only made of bricks and mortar, but we also make it step by step with utmost love so that our family can stay there with comfort and happiness.

Who wishes to compromise with the beauty of their houses?

No one but safety matters and hence we need to cover our homes with strong iron grills to give them safety and security. We need to put grills on the boundaries, windows etc to protect them. The age-old big iron rod grills provide safety but they compromise the scenic beauty of your houses.

What if we make those grills invisible?

This isn’t hypothetical nor we are joking.

C-cure is up with an amazing product with invisible grills to give your homes and offices that impeccable beauty.

What are invisible grills?

invisible grills is an advanced and high tech grilling system that provides safety to your building while maintaining the beauty of the house. They are used to cover open areas like balcony, windows of high rise buildings to provide complete safety for all especially children. Invisible grills are an extensive system of stainless steel cables that gives both beauty and immense safety. These fine cables don’t block the view like large grills and in fact, seems to invisible.

What makes C-cure’s invisible grills stand apart?

Our invisible grills have a number of salient features that you can’t resist yourself from choosing us.

● 6063 T6 aluminium channels – Specially engineered channels to give you the best quality that none of our competitors give.

● Utmost safety – Our invisible grills are made with the good quality material that gives high tensile strength and loading capacity up to 500kg.

● Dust-Free – No need to worry about cleaning. C-cure’s invisible grills are dust-free

● Clear view – We ensure no barriers between you and the scenic beauty of your balconies and windows.

● Zero Maintenance – You need not trouble yourself with regular maintenance of our invisible grills. Thet demains zero maintenance.

● Anti Rust – These invisible grills are made of high-quality stainless steel cables and the best part is they don’t rust.

● Quick Service – We ensure the best and timely service with our maintenance team providing after-sales services within 48 hours.

Old is gold but new is diamond. C-cure delivers diamond to you in form of their best in the class product of invisible grills. While the thick iron grills give your home security but hamper its look and beauty, our invisible grills provides similar security and add to the charm of your houses and buildings too.

Check out our complete range of invisible grills and choose to the best for your homes to cover your windows, balcony and open areas without caging them with bold grills.


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