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Get Ultramax beauty & safety with C-cure’s Invisible Grills

Safety and security are what you never compromise for your homes and buildings. We having a lot of opening in the houses to maintain proper ventilation and aeration. To leave those open space uncovered means risk to safety, instances of animals entering and many more.

The grilling of open spaces of windows, balcony, open areas of high rise building is thus very necessary. This poses an unnecessary hindrance to the beauty of our houses.

C-cure, a company well known for its invisible grills aim at providing the best safety to your homes without compromising the look.

What does safety mean earlier?

Earlier we used to have thick iron bars used as grills on windows, balcony, boundaries of the houses etc. Those were clearly visible, not too attractive and also need good maintenance. Safety and security are must and hence we all use them for proper protection of our houses.

One of the major problems with the iron grills is the rusting that require high maintenance like regular painting etc. As these grills get old, they appearance diminishes which costs the beauty of your lovely homes and buildings.

The industry of grills and safety bars has revolutionized completely. Gone are the days when you have to choose one between the beauty of your buildings or their safety. The newly crafted invisible grills brought in a complete change in the market. They provide high safety while taking care of the looks of your building.

Don’t doubt the strength and qualities of invisible grills. They are made with the best materials. Let’s check out.

C-cure’s invisible grills give the utmost safety

Invisible grills are made up of high-quality stainless steels of grades 302. 304 and 326. We use the best material 316 stainless steel cables to provide high tensile strength resulting in high safety. Invisible grill cables are 2 to 3 mm thick coated with nylon to provide a maximum clear and unblocked view. These 2 to 3 mm cables don’t compromise with the strength having load capacity up to 500 kg.

C-cure use the best in class 6063 T6 aluminium channels which are specially engineered for best experience and make us stand apart from the competitors. These cables can be cut with scissors or knives so if you have a mischievous kid you don’t need to worry about, it’s completely safe and strong.

The invisible grill cables are tied with SS 316 cross clips to maintain the separations and strength. They also prevent birds and rodents from entering if the cables are installed at a separation of 2 inches or less.

What are you waiting for? You have got a complete package of safety, security and beauty in a single product ie. our exclusive invisible grills because we understand you make your homes with true love and its charm should be unmatched.

Get in touch to install C-cure’s invisible grills at your homes or building with easy short installation period of 1 day.


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